Wedding Inspiration in Tuscany

In this blog you don’t often find shots in style, but the idea is to give you some inspiration for the wedding in Tuscany. In general the main intent is to show many real marriages. Lately I have noticed that many of the people who visit my site are both looking for a wedding photographer ( and they are here for that) and they are browsing the web looking for ideas or tips to use as inspiration for their wedding.

Villa Poggimele is the place that hosted us, proposes the characters of the “borghese” Villa of the nineteenth century with frequent loans of noble Renaissance architecture, readable in the square sections of the corners and frames of the two French windows, on the sides of the facade, surmounted by a classic eardrum. The compact block of the house is partly lightened by the portico of the main facade, with the beautiful motif of the three arches resting on pillars. Also interesting are the small oval windows aligned with those below. All around a wonderful garden, worthy frame of the villa and the chapel of San Giuseppe.

The lingerie for brides was provided by Talilà di Federica, a young Sicilian entrepreneur, who created for us a robe and a petticoat in lace and satin, with a marked elegance that have enhanced the beauty of Eleonora.

The make up and hairstyle were treated by Mary and Juri, synonyms of guarantee. I frequently collaborate with them and on all occasions, the results have been magnificent.

The beauty and uniqueness of Gigetta paper’s handmade paper gave an added touch of elegance to the photo set. I was amazed when Gigi, the factotum of the handmade paper creation studio, told me about the process of making each piece. Whether it is an invitation, an RSVP or a menu, Gigi creates everything from scratch. She recycles paper that would otherwise be pulped and gives it a new life. With the help of graphic designers or calligraphers, she creates an exclusive and impressive product.

Guido’s beautiful Mercedes sl 190, is one of the most charming cars I have seen available among the ceremony rental cars in Tuscany. A sinuous line that goes well with the beauty of the bride.

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